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Project Description
IIS File Manager provides ability to upload files faster through HTTP and it requires no extra installation, just one website with windows authentication lets users upload files easily. Only for IIS 7 onwards.


  • Ability to upload files through VSUploader Extension
    • VSUploader tracks changes in file
    • Ability to ignore .config and bin folder
    • Ability to compress all files into single zip archive and upload
    • On server side, zip is extracted to destination folder for the IIS host specified
  • IISFM MVC Application automatically manages Windows Authentication
  • Easy url to access http://HOST:8112, you can configure and change port in IIS

Features Planned

  • Ability to modify Text files right from within IISFM MVC Application


  • On Server
    • Publish contents of IISFileManager MVC Application to some folder on server
    • Setup a website with .NET 4 in Pipeline mode for this application
    • Setup * host with port 8112
    • Enable windows authentication
  • On Client (Visual Studio)
    • Install given VSIX
    • Navigate to View -> Other Windows -> Upload
    • Setup hosts, (they are quite similar to publish settings)

IIS's default web deployment never worked for remote deployments and worst part is, we dont see any progress while publishing.

Also we can not cherry pick what we want to upload and what we dont want to upload. Thats why we needed simpler interface to upload files where we could assign write access to folders easily and give access via MVC App, which requires no more than just setting up firewall and a website in IIS.

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